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wordserver Enterprise > e400 | website software for small and medium sized businesses > cost-effective website software package with PayPal integration and a flexible database from £539 (exc. VAT) set-up and hosted the first 12 months! £144 (exc. VAT) per year thereafter - just £12 per month.


wordserver Enterprise > e400 | Key features of the Enterprise website software package with PayPal integration and powerful database

  • A Total Website Solution
    All the features included with wordserver Business (e200) and wordserver Commerce (e300) with the added benefit of a flexible and powerful database.
  • Integrate your Database
    As part of your set-up we will integrate your existing compatible database or consult you to design your database ready for input.
  • Fully Searchable Content
    Control your database to filter up to three fields, or search all text fields in each record. Admin options allow flexible display of results. 
  • PayPal Integration
    Accept credit/debit cards on your website with the PayPal system built-in to your product databse.
  • Automated Pages
    All database generated content is automatically created in a template when you publish your records on your wordserver website.
  • Clear Admin Interface
    Setting up your wordserver Commerce website is easy. Insert your PayPal email, add your product items, insert 'Buy Now' buttons, save and publish. That's it.
  • Cost-Effective Website
    From only £1139 for set-up, hosting & license in the first 12 months. Then just £144(£12 p/m) thereafter.
  • SEO Friendly Websites
    All wordserver website software is designed to enhance your website's search engine performance and includes SEO tools.
  • Flexible Design Options
    Choose from a selection of free website designs, order a bespoke website design, or ask your design team to provide a website concept. You can even choose from two website page widths.
  • Quality Website Support
    Access to an unrivalled website software support centre with online help and training, email support, and  expert telephone back-up.
  • Introduction Scheme
    Recommend astutech's software products to your customers and earn £50 for each completed new intro. Unlimited potential.
  • Reseller Potential
    If your website design company could benefit from a website software solution with PayPal integration and a powerful and adaptable database, call us on 01603 504212 to discuss reselling wordserver website design software in your area.
  • Low-cost ISP
    As a virtual ISP, astutech has remote access to one of the UK's largest ISPs and a full selection of services are available with a price match promise for all new wordserver customers.

Looking for low-cost database driven website software with integrated PayPal features?

wordserver Enterprise™ (e400) website software is perfect for small and medium sized businesses looking for a cost-effective website solution with integrated PayPal features for accepting online payments and a powerful and adaptable  online database facility. It really is website Enterprise software made easy!

This online database website software package includes all the features and benefits of wordserver Commerce™ (e300) with a fully featured database with the flexibility for many uses.

How Does it Work?
wordserver Enterprise (e400) includes all the features of wordserver Business (e200) and wordserver Commerce (e300) with the addition of a database that occupies its own separate user interface within the software. Your database website will consist of standard pages produced with the Business element of the software, plus pages generated from your database. We will provide a suitable template for your database pages as part of the set-up, or we may design one as part of a design process if applicable.

There are up to 25 text fields, 5 text area fields, 6 link fields (2 x email links, 2 x internal web page links, and 2 x external website links), and three yes/no option fields. There is also the option to add a price and tick a box to add the 'Buy Now' button. Every field name can be edited to exactly suit your requirements and you can use as many or a few of the fields as you need. There is also a separate folder to upload your database images.

You add your records by inputting your data in the clearly arranged and user-friendly database record form. We may be able to import your data if you have an existing database in a compatible format (e.g. Access, Excel, comma delimited) and you can manage your records from there.

Your images (uploaded with our intuitive Windows Explorer system) can be selected for each appropriate record and are automatically published (with thumbnails) to your pages and search results.

Your fully searchable website database is also highly flexible in the way results are displayed, allowing you to choose three alternative filters for results selected from any of your database fields. You can also determine the number and order that your results are displayed for searches.

Please contact us for more information about the database element of wordserver Enterprise website software or any of our website software products.

Flexible Website Software Solutions
wordserver website software allows a flexible approach to website design and website content management. You can choose one of the free website designs, order a bespoke website design from our designers, or even ask your own design team to create a website concept for you. If you have a website already, we can often adapt it (or even improve it)  for wordserver.

How to Get Your wordserver Website
You can order your wordserver website online or return the order form with your initial payment (payable to 'astutech ltd'). If you would like to talk to us first, we welcome your call on 01603 666073 or email us any time.

You will need to choose a domain name (if you don't already have one) and ask us to check availability and order it for you. If you have a domain name please see our Customer Support Centre or call us. Please contact us for free website advice. For domain name registration for your webiste add £12 (exc. VAT) for a gTLD such as .com per year and £12 (exc. VAT) for ccTLD's such as fopr two years.

To get you started, your chosen wordserver Enterprise website comes with a home page, 8 standard content pages, 4 sample photo galleries each, with a photo display page, and a feedback / contact form. You can duplicate as many of these pages as you wish, or create new ones and build an almost limitless website in record time. wordserver Enterprise website software includes the features of wordserver Commerce website software. We also consult with you and set-up your database for your requirements. The fully searchable database has the flexibility to adapt and grow with your business.

Who uses wordserver Enterprise (e400)?
wordserver Enterprise website software is suitable for small and medium sized businesses with product databases. Appropriate applications include online retail and multiple product brochures (e.g. from around 30 to 500 different products or services).

Customers that use wordserver Enterprise website software include retailers dabonwheels, Haven Bridal, and The Living Rooms, and Norwich based community website Golden Triangle Norwich.

For more about existing wordserver customers, please see a selection of our clients' websites in our portfolio pages or read our customer comments.


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